10+ Best Newborn Baby Gift Ideas that are Useful as Well!

CONGRATULATIONS! There is going to be an addition in your family!

Isn’t it exciting, shopping for newborn babies who are about to arrive in this world? Those tiny and cute baby things make you want to buy them all. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, choosing the right gift items for them which the parents would use as well, is no doubt, a pretty difficult task. Especially when you’ve no prior knowledge in the baby-production field, or you feel out-dated in 4baby-expertise, getting an ideal idea of the gift for the infant would come in handy. 

The Perfect Gift Ideas for Newborn Babies:

If you have near to zero experience in buying gifts for newborns, this blog would certainly help you in figuring out the perfect gift idea for that lucky baby!

We’ve listed down the relevant gift ideas to give in the year 2020 or the babies of 2021, to make it easier for you to opt. 


0-Sized Clothes:

The most obvious gift, Clothes! There could never be too many clothes for infants. This is because,

Firstly, they puke and poop in their clothes quite often, which is why they’ve to change every other hour. This requires a vast stock of clothes to choose from.

Secondly, when people are selecting gifts, most of them think, Oh well, they would already have clothes, let’s buy something else. 

But gifting clothes would make the parents thank you endlessly, specifically when the mother is exhausted with all that constant washing. 

Make sure you’ve selected weather-friendly clothes. If the baby is arriving in winter and you’ve shopped in summer, the light airy clothes would be of no use. 


If you’re a close relative of the Mom-to-be, you can opt for this one! As one of the most underrated gifts is the milk expresser. It becomes a life saver, especially in the first few days. That is the time when babies won’t latch properly and need support to feed, expressing help in keeping their tummies filled. The mother can express and store the milk for later use as well.

This works perfectly well for working moms who want to exclusively breastfeed their babies.

You may opt for the electric or the manual one, depending upon the need of the mother.

It would be wise to ask her first before purchasing as she could have already bought it. Milk-expresser would be a good investment for the mama-baby duo and would be a great gift idea!

Wondering where to get it from? Check out Qareebi Dukan to place your order online now.

Baby Accessories Nobody Thinks About:

There are always a few things the mother forgets to buy while making a shopping list for her newborn. 

It could be a baby nail cutter, a pack of cotton buds, rash cream for the genital area, and a separate cream for facial pimples. You may also look into buying a changing pad, swaddle sheets, or baby oils/ bathing accessories. These things being the smallest items often get missed. You presenting them would be a treat for the parents! 

The Baby-Book:

If the parents-to-be of the baby are going to be parents for the first time, this would be a cool idea.

They are usually over the moon and want to record everything about their first experience of having a baby. 

Many online crafters are selling them or you can design one yourself if you’re creative enough.

The Parent-Guide:

Before the arrival of the newborn, parents are anxious beings, not sure what to do to become the best future parents ever! But once the baby arrives, they strive to just survive, and getting at least a three-hour sleep to restore their sanity seems like a luxury. 

In such a scenario, giving them a parenting guide beforehand to get them prepared for what’s coming up next would be a great help.

Besides, it’s the parents who are going to remember what you gifted them instead of the newborn. So it’s better to focus on parents here.

Baby-Proofing Gadgets:

This would be called an actual, well-thought gift on the baby’s arrival as baby-proofing the home sometimes gets neglected. As much as it is important, this gift would probably be the most practical gift they would receive.

It is easily available in the stores near you which you can order through Qareebi Dukan App or website. 


The Bathing Accessories:

If you’re not too confident in what you should be gifting, bathing accessories for the babies are usually the safest option. No matter how many shampoos or body washes they get, sooner or later, they’d be needing more of them.

This won’t make a very thoughtful or unique gift but is surely useful. You can get them all in a basket or wrapped in a ribbon. This would create a cosy impression of the gift.


Feeding Pillow OR Feeding Chair:

Feeding pillows are a great source of comfort for the new moms. As they’ve to sit in one position for most of the time during the day or night to feed their little ones, a feeding pillow relaxes their back and makes their task much easier. 

The parents might shop for everything for the baby yet forget to shop for themselves. These gifts might add a lot of gratitude to you for caring about their comfort.

High-end Budgeted Gifts:

If you’re a very close relative or a friend and are planning to contribute to major items, you would be looking for something else.

A carrycot, car seat, pram, baby cot, baby beddings, or a good amount of cash would be a huge support for the parents. 

Getting them delivered to your doorstep would be easier for you if you order through Qareebi Dukan.

The Non-Material Gifts:

  • There are some things money can’t buy. And those gifts are precious beyond measures.
  • Sending meals to the exhausted new parents when they need it would make them thank-you endlessly. 
  • Babysitting their other kids would take off a lot of load over them. 
  • Reassuring them when they need it and calming them down when they start to panic or get anxious would work wonders.
  • Giving the mom some massage and helping her get over her physical pain would make her day.
  • Taking care of the newborn for some time while the couple could me-time could mean a lot to them. 
  • Making Dua for them is certainly the most precious gift they could receive.


No matter which gift you select, your love would make it special and Qareebi Dukan would make it manageable for you! Did this blog help in selecting your desired gift? Let us know about it in the comments box below.

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