5 Best Online Grocery Stores in Karachi, Which one to choose in 2020?

Today’s world has changed the dynamics of nearly everything we used to do in our daily lives. People have been replaced by machines and hard work has been replaced by artificial intelligence.

We’re even blessed with the option of ordering things online from the comfort of our homes. From food to clothes and now grocery as well.
It’s no secret why people are opting for digital shopping today. Especially after the pandemic situation of Covid-19, staying indoors has become a necessity.

With perks like, zero physical efforts from your side and hassle free deliverance of daily groceries, online grocery shopping has become quite popular over the last few months. Problems like where to park your car, choosing the right product, getting tired in the process, bearing the tantrums of your little ones during the visit, and spending more than you planned for, can be avoided if you order online.

Top 5 Online Grocery Stores in Karachi:
The idea of online grocery shopping was already working in developed countries for many years, yet in Pakistan, it hasn’t been so long.
Here, we’re going to discuss the top 5 Online Grocery Stores working in Karachi and their pros and cons.

  1. Hum Mart:
    A relatively new name in the market of online groceries, Hum mart offers a convenient and hassle free service to its customers. It offers online sales and promotional offers as well to keep the customers intact. You can order snacks, beverages, dairy products, grocery, and medicines etc.

Important Features:

  1. A customer has to make an account on the website of Hum Mart.
  2. It also has a mobile application.
  3. It offers 24/7 customer service.
  4. Orders get confirmed via call.
  5. If your total is less than a 1000, you’ve to pay 100 as delivery charges.
  6. Delivery time is 1 working day, not immediate delivery.

2. Keryana:
In contrast to its pretty traditional name, Keryana is popular among the online marketers of Karachi. Different sorts of household items and groceries are sold here. From Pharma products to apparels, from groceries to electronic items, this platform brings you all at one place. Moreover, it keeps on offering new deals and discount offers to its customers every now and then.

Important Features:

  1. One active account on their website is required by the user.
  2. Orders are usually confirmed via call.
  3. You can pay online or cash on delivery.
  4. 24/7 customer service.


  1. Your order is delivered in 2 working days.
  2. Below orders worth Rs.500, you’ve to pay the delivery charges Rs.100.

3. My Cart:
Being available on popular social sites like Facebook and Instagram, My Cart has turned into a leading online grocery store. It provides one stop for all your shopping experience as it provides a large range of products. With not just availability of the products of its own, it also relies on trustworthy vendors. Promotional deals and discount offers are a regular part of its service for the customers.

Important Features:
All ordering features are the same as the ones mentioned above.


  1. Delivery time is 5 to 6 working days.
  2. You’ve to pay Rs.200 delivery charges if your order weighs less than 2kg.

4. Daraz:
Daraz is a popular name in the e-commerce industry, yet is new in the grocery selling market. This recent move of Daraz has turned it into the biggest online grocery store. Not just the local items, Daraz also deals in the imported products. It captures customers by announcing sales festivals and limited time offers.

Important Features:

  1. It has a mobile application.
  2. Returns and refunds are available.
  3. Payment can be done online or through cash on delivery.


  1. Delivery time is 3 to 5 working days.
  2. Daraz does not have a support helpline. Instead, it has a live chat feature which is also automated.
  3. Rs.99 delivery charge is applicable on every product you order. That means, if you order 10 items, you’ve to pay delivery charges 10 times depending upon their weight and size.

5. Qareebi Dukan:
A newly opened online grocery store, Qareebi Dukan is rapidly growing and gaining popularity. Its presence on social sites ensures the customer engagement and promotions. In a competitive market with other giant online stores, Qareebi Dukan has been working on unique selling points to satisfy customer’s needs.

Important Features:

  1. It delivers within an hour or two instead of a day or 4 like other stores. This makes Qareebi Dukan stand out in all other stores.
  2. It will shop from your nearest store and deliver as soon as possible.
  3. Not only the featured products but if you order some other item, Qareebi Dukan will provide that as well. This option isn’t available for other online stores.

Contact Details:
You can find Qareebi Dukan through its website or Qareebi Dukan application.

Have you experienced shopping with these stores? Let us know about your experience in the comment box below!

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