8 Solid Reasons Why PSL Is Better Than IPL 2021?

Pakistan’s biggest sports festival PSL is just around the corner. The cricket fever is touching the sky. Pakistan is a nation where cricket runs in the veins of the people as blood and that’s the reason for the immense popularity of the PSL. As the PSL season 6 has started, this debate has once again heated that which league is better, the IPL or PSL? 

No doubt, IPL is a mature league that has seen thirteen seasons so far and far richer than the PSL, but in some aspects, PSL is better than IPL.

We will shed some light on those factors that make PSL better than IPL.

PSL Revived Cricket By Bringing Back International Cricket to Pakistan

In 2009, an unfortunate terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore closed the doors of international cricket in Pakistan. That was heartbreaking for the enthusiastically cricket-loving people of Pakistan. PSL came as a ray of hope and finally, it was able to bring back international cricket to Pakistan. For the Pakistani nation, PSL is a gift that helped them to get out of those dark times for Pakistan cricket.PSL bring cricket back to the empty stadiums of Pakistan and we can’t thank it enough.IPL is extremely popular, but PSL signifies the resilience and perseverance of a nation in the face of adversity.

Length of the Tournament

T20 fans want quick and fast results and IPL fails to provide them with that. The long duration of IPL which is more than two months annoys the fans and they lose interest. While PSL stays just for one month. Every match is exciting and important which increases the quality of cricket being played. Another benefit of the short duration of PSL is that international players can play for the whole tournament, but in IPL, we see that many international players leave the tournament halfway to fulfill their national duties.

Quality of Bowling Way Better Than IPL

Pakistan has always been known as a factory for producing good bowlers. Wasim Akram has said that he has asked many foreign top players who have played for both IPL and PSL, which league is the best in the bowling department? All of them answered that the quality of bowling in PSL is way higher than IPL. According to them, in IPL, there is a bowler in every team who can be easily targetted, but this is not the case in the PSL. Alex Hales and Colin Munro have also praised the high standards of bowling in the PSL that are not to be found anywhere else in the world.

Many Star Players Are Paid Less in PSL Than IPL

The pay scale is very high in IPL. Many players who were paid a very big amount in IPL, played for PSL in a relatively lesser amount. For instance, English player Tymal mills was paid 12 crores in IPL, while in PSL he agreed to play for just 30 lakhs. This also shows the significance of PSL in international cricket that the players even compromise on their salary just for getting a chance to play in PSL. Chris Lynn was also paid a lesser salary in PSL than what he got in IPL.

The Standard of Fielding is Higher in PSL Than in IPL

Though the Pakistani team is often mocked for dropping catches and its poor fielding standards, that’s not the case in PSL. PSL has the best catch conversion percentage across all T20 franchise leagues in the world. PSL has a catch conversion percentage of 82%, leaving behind even IPL which has a catch conversion ratio of 81%.

More Indians Watch PSL Than Pakistanis

Despite the India-Pakistan rivalry, PSL is extremely popular in India. Need proof, here you go; according to the PSL official website, more than 40% of the viewers of PSL were Indians. This is real proof of the success of PSL that our arch-rivals from across the border are enjoying every match and cheering for their favorite teams. 

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The Passion of the Pakistani Crowd

Initially, when PSL matches were being played in the UAE, our neighbors mocked the league by sharing pictures of empty stadiums on social media. That was because the common Pakistani public couldn’t travel to UAE to watch the matches in the stadium. But now, by the grace of God, all of the matches are being played in Pakistan. Now stadiums are always jam-packed even if the team of the host city is not playing. People hold placards and chant slogans to cheer their teams. The sight shows the love and passion of the Pakistani nation for cricket.

Nature of Competition

In PSL, we see a genuine competition between all the teams, while in IPL, mostly two teams rule over the whole tournament. This is not the case in PSL, where every team is equally competent. This makes the game exciting. Every match is important and exciting to watch. Moreover, in IPL, batsmen have the upper hand most of the time. Again here, the PSL is different where bowlers get an equal chance to perform.

So, these were some of the aspects, in our opinion, that make PSL better than IPL. What do you think which league is better?

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