December Wedding Season 2020 During Covid-19, What To Expect?

Was it ever a mutual agreement of the people of Karachi that December will the ultimate wedding season? I doubt it but aren’t there some codes that we all follow. June-July for some and December-January for most are the perfect months for marriage.

Of course it makes sense as well. The weather is great, no makeup melts, no hot flashes under heavy dresses, easy layering of clothes to dress up, family members from all over the world can join during their vacations. It’s a complete package.

Ultimate Wedding Season; December!

Not just two people benefit from the “marriage”, a whole lot businesses flourish during the marriage season. The halls/banquets, the furniture markets, the parlors, the local cloth shops, the designers, the fashion industry, jewelry shops, catering services, food industry, rent a car, flower, photography, tailors, home appliances, bedding shops, cosmetic industry, personal accessories, labor industry. Oh boy, you name it! 

Isn’t December a mood for us?

December for us Karachiites is a mood. People who don’t like tea start sipping on hot cups of tea. There’s coffee, mostly recently bought, in every house. And the tea or coffee or green tea session takes places at least a minimum of three times a day. A morning cup, when you finally get out of bed from under the covers, an evening cup when everyone sits together for snacks and chit chat, and the last cup of the day before you end up in your cozy winter setting again. 

People start writing poetry. People start feeling emotional, people get in a celebratory spirit, people get close to family. People wait eagerly for December. For it comes bundled with emotions. Mostly happy. Even if there is no family wedding, there is “a” wedding we have to attend and we are excited nonetheless. Or we are anxious to meet our family members who will come after almost 11 months, at least if we are lucky. Some we even wait for years to meet. It’s all super exciting. 

When Covid Striked!

This year, though, was a bit different wasn’t it? We all had big plans. Small too. But plans for sure. Then Allah showed He had other plans. Covid hit us. It hit us all. The entire economy. It hit us individually and collectively. Physically and emotionally. So many people went into depression because of how it seemed to be taking lives just. like. that. Everything closed, schools, malls, restaurants, offices, local shops, parks, even hospitals closed OPD for a while. We didn’t even know what was going on until months later. 

How we reached Smart Lockdown? 

It took us all a great deal of effort and joint support to pull ourselves and others out of this pandemic mentally. Although there was a serious lacking of our government in playing a positive role in spreading awareness and calming people down. And we saw both extremes of people. One where people were in denial of Covid’s existence completely. The other where people fell ill merely out of its fear. People still stood up and collectively worked towards building up the community and showing support in all forms. Our government should have played a reassuring role. Our religion has talked about dealing with pandemics and our reaction to it as Muslims. We must neither panic nor disregard all SOPs. Hit and miss lockdown was introduced. A part of it didn’t make sense and it appeared to majorly affect our own people instead of helping them. If people were dying of Corona, they’d surely die of hunger. However we worked our way out of it through a “Smart Lockdown”.

After the first wave, things were seemingly getting better and back to normal. When as expected, the second wave came with a bang. All of a sudden schools were closing again, malls, shops, parks etc. Cases were rising again. People were scared again. But this time, we were very much prepared. We knew what we had to do. We knew our “Smart Lockdown”. We knew our SOPs. We were mentally prepared. We still have many hurdles and many people still don’t follow the guidelines but we are standing tall in the face of this adversity. And we will survive it.

Using this pandemic in our favor:

This pandemic was a perfect situation for people to follow Islamic rules of marriage. We have been taught that the wedding on which there’s least amount of expenditure is the most blessed one. Numerous people took use of this opportunity and got married with simplicity. This way not only were lives not put on hold, nor business suffered, also SOPs were taken into account considering everyone’s health and life as important. And the most important of all was practicing our religion. 

How we can continue while following SOPs?

Some people, however, still want a lavish wedding and they can follow their heart as long as they keep certain regulations in mind.

The wedding can be at home or a hall big enough.

Minimum number of close family members can be invited.

Anyone who is not feeling well or has had interaction with someone unwell should avoid meeting. 

People with low immunity should avoid meeting.

Face masks should be preferred or seating at distance. 

Short duration of program should be kept in mind.

The Same Winter:

Keeping in mind these protocols we can continue living our lives while not hurting others. We must remain steadfast and prioritize health and safety for everyone. Pray to be hopeful to see a better year, to never face such a devastating illness, to have the same winter air, the same December we used to all enjoy.

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