Grocery Shopping amidst Corona; What to Expect?

Whilst the pandemic situation continues, all of us have to stay careful with our physical interactions, especially in public places. Karachi is yet again to face another strike of Covid-19, with the arrival of the winter season. The number of positive cases is increasing, leaving us all uncertain about the situation we would be facing in a couple of days.

When the first wave of Corona engulfed Pakistan, many of us rushed to the stores to stockpile the groceries in enormously large amounts, others hit the keyboard and ordered online. Google searches for food delivery and online grocery delivery service went the highest in April. This crisis made us re-evaluate the way we get groceries. 

What if you Need Groceries during Pandemic?

Going out to shop in person while wearing a mask is fine until you’re following the SOPs religiously. But there are still chances of you getting infected by physical contact with other people or touching the public surfaces like a staircase railing, elevator buttons, and the products on the shelves. Why would you risk your life for some groceries?

Order Online:

Instead, sitting home and ordering online would mark you 100℅ safe from getting infected. Just get the app, select the items you need, and get your parcel within an hour! 

Ordering from a reliable online grocery service is very important to enjoy the perks of online shopping.

Important Guidelines for Ordering Online:

Here’s what you need to check before ordering from any delivery service.

Hygiene Sense: The delivery guys must be aware of the hygienic sense and should be following SOPs while delivering the orders.

Fast delivery: What’s the point of groceries being delivered way past the time you needed them!?

Nearest shopping store of your choice: There is always that one store you are going to since forever, which offers everything you usually buy. The delivery service should ideally be able to get your groceries from your preferred store.

Qareebi Dukan is confident to state that it fits the standards of all customers satisfactorily. Check out our finest services and forget the fusses of grocery shopping. 

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