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Highlights of 2020, What Makes It The Worst Year Ever?

We all entered 2020 with a rare spirit of excitement, this year was supposed to be more than a new digital sequence and it was, but not the way you were looking and hoping for. Maybe you planned to start a new job, a new university, or have a wedding. Sure enough, things did not go as planned and you might have been compelled to call this year a nightmare, but calling ‘2020 worst year ever’ is no more a subjective opinion it’s more of a global idea now. Times magazine officially labeled it so in its December edition with a big red cross marked over 2020 (it is a tradition saved for the worst foes humanity has faced and this year it was used for the fifth time). 

Start of 2020, The unfolding of events:

Starting January; series of events including the Iran-US dispute, wildfire outbreak and racial injustice outrage happening over the western border already had us feeling anxious when in late January Chinese government announced the ‘outbreak of respiratory illness in the central city of Wuhan’ as an international emergency. Patching up with the number of cases and spread rate, day by day we saw covid’19 at our doors, evacuating streets, bazaars, schools, and workplaces. Now it was not an event happening over a distant area, it threatened us in person and our family members had us worried about little and older ones and especially those members who worked as front-line doctors and went to war each day.

Different schools of thought and Conspiracy Theories:

Fighting covid’19 and its blues was one thing and dealing with people with different opinions were another. Some people did not believe in the existence of the virus and called it a terror scheme and ignored all the precautions while some called it God’s wrath on the misleading ones, aiding the misery of those whose loved ones were affected.

Covid Destruction:                                                                               

Economy, education, and finances everything came crashing down to a halt. The effects of pandemics were endless, it affected everyone from large businesses to groups of daily wagers who work hard each day to make the ends meet. Some people went through not less than feminine while some hoarded stock for a whole year. 

More destruction:

Midst the chaos, overly active monsoon rain hit Pakistan mid-July flooding parts of Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa especially. Damage and ruins added to the pains of people who already suffered financial loss by hands of coronavirus.

Many other historic events took place, one way or another we all experienced loss and misery this year. 

On the flip side;

Even though the timeline of 2020 seems to be episodes of a thriller series, everyone went through some major shifts owing to all the time we had in quarantine. Not running through a hectic work routine our lives somehow seemed to have slowed down, which allowed us to reflect on ourselves and discover ourselves like never before. We learned the practice of gratitude, patience, and the value of having health and resources which we otherwise always have taken for granted. And so we had our different paths and ways of evolvement. We learned the difference between luxury and necessity as we had our family bonds got strengthened watching endless episodes of Ertugrul rather than a pricy trip abroad or while planning small-scaled weddings with only intimate family members rather than lavishly celebrated weddings. We learned off-screen hobbies; we baked, we painted, we crafted. Online grocery shopping trends and businesses got immensely popular due to stay-at-home instructions.

Walking into 2021

Only a few days left into the new year and 2021 still seems like a time from the future, and surely it would be the beginning of an advanced era looking at how we birthed and adapted to the idea of working from home. We are operating school markets and businesses while confined to our homes. This would have appeared to be a very bizarre idea a year ago. We have learned to make ways when situations don’t favor us. We all will be walking in 2021 with a very different perspective and an evolved form as 2020 has humbled us down with a sense of general harmony showing us how little control we have over our lives.                 

You might have not gained material accomplishments, making it through the highs and lows of this year is in itself an accomplishment. As one might have said ‘we lived through a history lesson’.

Let’s have positive thoughts and wishes for the new year 2021. May Allah SWT makes it the “Healing Year” of our lives. Amen.

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