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Being a woman is unfairly expensive, isn’t it? No matter how unfair we think it is, we all somehow always want to look at our best. Not just to please others but for our own sake too. Whenever we feel put together and let me say the word ‘sassy’ we seem to perform better and it increases our overall confidence. It’s also called enclothed cognition.                                                                                                 And in order to be at our best, we mistakenly think we need to stock up branded designers’ bags and shoes worth a hundred dollars. Let me save to the sweat there. You don’t need to be rich to look expensive and classy!

Here go some tips and tricks to look expensive. 

Wear neutral and solid colors 

According to your own personal style build your own aesthetic color scheme. Neutral colors make you appear well-composed and calm. Black white and other balanced colors are a must in your wardrobe they are evergreen and work well as base colors. Match black with gold or black with soft colors likewise mix match with white and other neutral shades. Once you get the art of pairing up you’ll be surprised how many outfits you will be able to make with limited articles. 

Wear your size

Wear clothes that fit you well, not too loose nor too tight. Before buying do check the size guard of your clothing item as it is usually different for different brands. Use the changing room if it’s available.                                                                          

Match bag and shoes

It does matter if you carry a Gucci bag or wear a pair of Dior’s, pairing them wrong will throw off your look. It will be smarter to coordinate your bag and shoe, it gives off a polished and expensive look. For example, a brown bag will always compliment shoes of brown tone regardless of the fact it’s Gucci or local.

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Wear statement articles (necklace, sunglasses, scarf)

Wearing a statement means carrying a clothing item that stands out or is noticeable in your outfit. It can be bold jewelry, sunglasses, or a printed scarf. Statement articles are well complimented over monochromatic outfits for example a heavy gold necklace over a black overall, or bold glasses over soft color looks great.

Last but not the least; layer up

Layering up somehow automatically make you look dressed up and modest even if you are wearing cheap items. This technique works best in winter but in summer you may use lighter fabric like chiffon or georgette.

Cardigans, kimonos, and overcoats work well to add layers for women. Men can go on wearing jackets, hoodies, blazers, or tuxedos, depending upon the occasion they’re attending.


Buying quality products does not mean hoarding branded items. Invest carefully especially in shoes and bags, keep them polished and clean. Don’t chase after seasonal trends make your own. Save your hard-earned money and rock your look!

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