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How to save money while online grocery shopping in 2021?

Grocery shopping is a tough job not just physically and mentally but economically too. Do you ever wonder why you are appalled every time by the tall grocery bill once you reach the checkout line?

 If you are like most people, you mostly hit the grocery store after a long and tiring day of work and just randomly pick-up items as you see them and think that you might need them. You keep throwing items in your cart in case you run out of them at home. This attitude is extremely dangerous for your budget and saving goals. As they say, it’s never too late to make some changes. You can start saving money on groceries by following some strategies. 

Below are our best tips that can help you save some cash.

Don’t rely on your memory: make a list

That’s the number one mistake people make when they go grocery shopping. Always make a list before hitting the store especially when you are going to shop with your kids. You know what I mean. It’s hard to reject their innocent requests to buy chocolates, chips, and juices, etc. Buy all these things too but according to your list. Make sure to buy important items first.

If you are tech-savvy, you can make your list on your phone and save it as a google doc. In this way, you will be able to access it anywhere. Whether you have a physical list or on a gadget, make sure that you stick to the list all the time and keep checking off items that you have purchased. In this way, you will be saved from splurging on impulse purchases.

Keep your calculator open on your phone

Now that you have a list ready on your hand. What’s the next most important tip to stay under budget?

Shop with a calculator. As you throw things in your cart, keep tallying the amount that is adding up to your cart. If you want to keep your grocery shopping under a tight budget, you should not give yourself any excuse to overspend. And that’s likely to happen at the grocery store. But if you keep track of everything as you shop, you can stop yourself if you see that your purchases can exceed your budget. In this way, you will save yourself from being perplexed by a tall grocery bill when you get up to the checkout line. 

Shop online

Now, that’s a real pro tip to stop yourself from overspending on groceries. No matter, how you try to stay within a budget when you visit the store physically, you buy many unnecessary things, just in case you need them. Get benefit from technology and shop online. As you are selecting the items sitting in your home, you can easily check what you exactly need. You even have time to ponder whether you need to buy something if it’s really expensive and compares prices if there are different varieties available. You can spend a lot of time while making your purchase to keep your budget under control. it’s hard to do that while standing in the store as you will feel embarrassed if you spend a lot of time standing in front of one item. And also other people will be there waiting for you to move. But at home, there is no distraction. Plus, it will save you time. Wondering where to spend that time? Don’t buy prepared, washed, pre-cut foods and perform all those chores at home. This is a bonus tip to save money.

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Don’t shop on an empty stomach

Even if you decide to go to the supermarket in person, don’t do that on an empty stomach. Most of us head to the supermarket after work without eating anything. If you do that too, break this habit right away. When we are hungry, all the chocolates, juices, cakes, and candies suddenly seem to be more delicious than normal and before we know they end up in our cart. This will destroy all your planning to save money on groceries. So, make sure you eat something satisfying before heading out to the supermarket.

Do price comparison

We all have one favorite store and we always shop from there. We never try new stores just out of laziness. Well, if you want to spend less, you need to be more active. Try many different stores and compare the prices of the items you usually buy. If a certain store is charging more money for an item, immediately stop buying it from there. Also, compare which store provides the best deal on sale items.

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These were some tried and tested hacks for saving money while grocery shopping. Apply them the next time you visit the grocery store and see the difference for yourself.

Do you know some tips to save money on grocery shopping? If yes, then share them with us.

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