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Online Grocery Shopping Personal Experiences of our Customers:

We love to get reviews from people before opting for anything, whether it’s about a company you’re opting to buy from or a new product you’re planning to start using. 

That’s the reason we’ve gathered testimonials from people who have used our online grocery shopping app for their daily buying items. To let you judge for yourself if it suits your needs.

Testimonials for Online Grocery Shopping:

We conducted an online survey among our customers to get their reviews. Some of them were interviewed on a call about the service and the responses were recorded. Everyone has diverse backgrounds and situations, which made it engaging for people around them to relate. You may look for the category you fall in.

A Young Mother Shopping Online:

1 Sidra Iqbal, a young mother of two toddlers, who holds a degree in English linguistics, gave a brief review of her experience. 

“Living in a separate house with my husband and little kids was fun until I had to go for groceries myself in urgent moments. Despite buying monthly groceries, who doesn’t face emergencies? Especially when my husband isn’t at home, these urgencies have made my life difficult. There were situations when I ran out of stock of diapers or formula milk for my toddlers and there was no one at home to get them for me. 

That was when I frantically searched for an alternative option. Then I came across an online grocery app that delivers across Karachi. And believe me, I haven’t been so relieved before. Now I can just list the things I need and in our hour I receive the order. Much obliged.”

No wonder Qareebi Dukan is delivering in an hour would be a blessing especially for young mothers.

A Student’s Life-Saver:

2️⃣ Muzaffar Khalid, a student of a college, gave his review via email.

He wrote, 

“Being the eldest son at home, I was responsible for buying Dahi and Dhania Pudina whenever my mom would call out. I had to leave my game, (which doesn’t even pause) and go to get it immediately. That irked me a little but saying no to my dearest mom was not something I’d like. So, I had to think of an alternative option. A friend of mine shared his experience of ordering online and that idea struck me. I searched for the best online grocery service in Karachi and guess what, I selected one, and it made my life much easier. Now not only for little urgent things, but I also shop the weekly groceries online. Thank YOU technology for existing.” 

Don’t we all feel Muzaffar at some point? Thank God, humans use brains.

Husbands Loving Online Store Facilities:

3️⃣ Riyaz Akbar Khan, a business owner, gave us a nice long interview on call. 

Here is what he had to say. 

“I’m working all mornings and evenings looking after my business and even weekends are busy due to the load of work. We used to go out for groceries but to be honest, that felt like a waste of time, roaming around aimlessly while my wife took forever to decide which shampoo color she would choose. Does that even matter? I would rather invest that time in planning a new marketing strategy or maybe just have a long nice nap. To be honest, since I started to use the Qareebi Dukan App for grocery shopping, I’ve never set foot in a grocery store, ever again. My wife takes all the time she needs for choosing her favorite shampoo color on the app and I utilize my time the way I want. End result? We both are happy. It is a win-win situation!”

Looks like QD Grocery App is solving marital disputes as well.

That’s another brownie point for online shopping! 

The Professionals Opting for Online Grocery Stores:

4️⃣ Mirha Mudassir, a newbie freelancer in the digital marketing field, has sent us her experience. 

Hi, I’m Mirha, aged 22, studying microbiology and working as a freelancer side by side. Firstly, it’s my studies which take a lot of my time and effort. Secondly, freelancing takes up the rest of my time and the mental capacity I’m left with. This way, I’ve nearly no time for any extracurricular activity. My mom is a diabetic patient and requires help at times. Having two brothers isn’t any help either as both of them stay busy in their jobs and outings. So, for grocery shopping which is required on an almost daily basis, I’ve been ordering from Qareebi Dukan and at least, one worry is off my list. All I have to do is to put two and two together, make a list online and receive on my doorstep. That comfort was possible because of the trusted grocery service I opted for. Life saver!”

In today’s world, every one of us is busy with their chores and responsibilities. In such a situation, it is necessary to assign mundane tasks to other services which would make it easier to continue with your desired work. 

Online Grocery Shopping Trending in Covid-19:

5️⃣ Muhammad Aslam, a 52-year-old, Russian national Pakistani, gave his feedback for using online services during the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

He states, 

“With the on strike of the pandemic, everyone was locked up in their houses and it was advised not to leave homes without any emergencies. As a person, living alone in Pakistan while my wife and kids were stuck in Russia, I had no clue what to do about the daily grocery shopping. It was dangerous to go out on my own and get exposed to the infection spread around. Keeping my age factor in mind, it was unwise to do so. That was when I came across an ad for an grocery App and I downloaded it. It was quite easy to use and I figured out how to order and receive within a couple of minutes. That restored my sanity as I was getting perturbed thinking how I would die in the hands of covid-19 just for some grocery items. I’m so glad it worked.”

Covid-19 boomed the online shopping trend and now nearly everyone is buying online. When you have a better alternative, why on earth would you go for the difficult option? 

These testimonials from different customers of Qareebi Dukan have explained in detail how it made their lives easier.

Are you ready to make your life easier? 

Download the app today and opt for the trendy lifestyle.

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