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Exhausted by Kids During Lockdown? 9 Helpful Hacks for Mothers to Stay Sane

A mother’s job is always tough but given the current situation of coronavirus lockdown with schools closed and bored kids at home has made their job tougher than ever. Now, they have this added task of keeping kids engaged with managing home and work (for working mothers).  No matter what, we have to accept this situation as this is the new normal. But there is no need to panic, we have some brilliant tips for you to tackle your kids and make sure they learn as per their needs, while you also manage your duties and stay sane. Read on to know how to do that. 

Planning is pnecessary in these stressful times of lockdown

Plan a flexible and consistent routine with the help of your kids. This routine should include structured activities for learning as well as their free time. Try that your kids follow a routine even during the lockdown, like the same time for eating, sleeping, and bathing. It would be even better if they follow the same routine they used to have when the schools were open. Set a time for studying and playing and strictly follow the time table. Also, designate different places for studying and playing. 

Use lockdown as an opportunity to explore alternative learning ways

As the schools are closed, most kids are now having online classes or parents are teaching them at home. You can use this time to explore different ways of learning which can be fun too. There is a variety of online content available that teaches kids art, culture, and history by showing them places, documentaries, and videos. Websites like scholastic and khan academy provide a vast variety of printable fun learning worksheets for children of every age.

Lockdown can be a catalyst for them to become more responsible

We know that, as schools are closed, your kids must be driving you crazy. Take a deep breath. It’s not their fault. They are bored and have nothing to do. Take this time as an opportunity to teach them responsibility. Assign each child chores according to their age. Take their help in cleaning, cooking, and doing laundry. In this way, they will not only learn to take responsibility for chores but also will not make a mess around at home. So, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Lockdown and covid-19: try to see positive in everything

Yes, you read that right. You might be wondering what can be positive in these stressful times. With all of us stuck at home due to covid-19 lockdown and practicing social distancing, it’s a great opportunity for you to spend quality time with your kids. 

Tell them stories of your life, your successes, and failures. In this way, you can teach them important life lessons.

Surviving lockdown and covid-19: make every day different

Kids have a very short attention span, so they get bored very easily. You have to come up with different activities. Try making every day different. For example: Monday baking day, Tuesday painting day and Sunday reading day etc. Try making different DIY and art and crafts projects with them. It will increase their creativity and direct their energy in a positive direction.

Help them stay connected during lockdown

Social isolation is extremely tough for kids. This is the reason they are making a mess in the house, not listening to you and being angry. Help them stay connected with their friends and extended family through phone call, text and video chat. You can even arrange play dates for little kids on zoom. Let your teenagers stay connected with their school peers and teachers through zoom and skype nearly every day.

Keeping it simple during covid-19

With all the family members at home, having to teach kids and tackling them all day, your duties as a mother are doubled now. The only way to avoid chaos is to keep it simple. Don’t try to compete with those ladies who put up pictures of scrumptious meals on Instagram every day. Don’t panic if your home doesn’t look like those beautiful pictures in design magazines. Let kids do a little mess. They are also going through a hard time of their lives. Go easy on kids and on yourselves too. Plan easy meals that take less time and make them with the help of all the family members. Staying safe is the only thing that matters right now.

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Talk to your children about covid-19

Have a discussion with your children about covid-19 and let them talk first. They would have heard much until now. Ask them what they think about the current situation. Listen to their fears and worries and try answering their questions according to their age. It’s ok not to have all the answers.  Make sure that you are honest. Secrets and lies will not help. Reassure your children that you are always there for them and they can ask you anything at any time. Tell them that if we follow prescribed guidelines, we will pass through these times safely. Warn them about fake stories and news and encourage them to only use reliable sources. when the discussion is over, do a fun activity together to ease their stress.

Covid-19 pandemic: de-stress your self

As a mother, right now you are wearing many hats at the same time. This is sure to make you stressed out. To manage these times well, you need to relax. Incorporate exercises and meditation into your daily routine and do them with your kids. Try doing fun work-outs with your kids. Headspace provides a variety of mediation sessions, even for kids exclusively.

No doubt, navigating this time is hard, especially as a mother. Just follow these tips and at the end of each day, praise yourself for doing a really good job. Believe me, it will work wonders for you.

Are you a mother dealing with all these problems?  Tell us about your experience.

Stay safe and stay sane.

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