Too Cold and Lazy to Shower? 5 ways to Look Fresh in Winter 2020-21

I don’t understand the people who romanticize the winter season and mumble some December-related poetry under their breath while doing dishes. (I’ve witnessed such scenes) I mean how is it possible to love anyone or anything while you’re having a runny or stuffy nose in such dry air weather. Plus, the weather is rather confusing, than being cold. People of Karachi would agree with me here as we’re not sure, to take out our leather jackets just now or not. This gets even more confusing when one member of the family wants to keep the fans turned on while the other is shivering in the blankets. And the war doesn’t stop. 

Talking about winter problems, during this season, I think it is not just cats who hate to bathe, but humans as well. The chills in the air keep us tucked in our blankets and layers of clothes to stay warm. As we Karachi-ites aren’t used to severe winters, we don’t keep heaters or extra-warm clothes with us. So, if the winters decide to be extra cold at some point, we’re left baffled by our incompetent preps to deal with it. Like last year was making our toes curl, not with embarrassment but due to cold. 

In such circumstances, having a shower daily seems like an extreme sport, that only athletes can muster up the courage to manage. This would raise an important question for normal people like us, “Then how could we look fresh without stepping into the shower?”

4 Fool-Proof Ways To Look Fresh In Winters:

From a lazy fellow like you all, here are some alternatives you can swear by and nobody would get a hint that you haven’t showered for more than a week! 

The Wet-Wipes, To the Rescue:

This was the hack I had used during the time I was in Northern areas, extreme snowfall. It was no less than Jihad itself to put off socks and do wudhu. Staying there for more than a week was a challenge when it came to using water in any form. Bathing was out of the question for us. 

That was when the wet wipes came to the rescue. The soapy element in it was enough to clean the dirt marks and eliminate any kind of smell off. 

The results? I made it through the entire week without stepping into the shower. (Sounds gross though, I know, but when you’re all surrounded with snow, you don’t even sweat. So that’s okay.)

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The Only Head-Wash Tactic:

If you have an oily skin type, your hair would get greasy within two days of hair wash. This would give away that you aren’t bathing daily, which might have severe consequences like people staying at least 6 feet away from you. Although Corona Virus has already made sure of that to happen, it still is better to not let people think you’re a hedgehog who bathes just once a year.

To avoid such situations, keep washing your head every two or three days later, whether or not you take a full-body bath.

For that, put your head in the washbasin, and let your hair get damp under running tap water. Apply some shampoo, rinse, and wash away. Before raising your head again, put a towel around your shoulders, and wrap your hair carefully to avoid getting wet. Tumble dry or blow-dry quickly to get back into your dry state again. Tadaaa! You’re done. Nobody would suspect you for not bathing for so many days. 

Antiperspirant Products:

Do you know what makes you look dull and gross when you haven’t bathed? It’s the sweat that gives you away and announces promptly that “This person, right here, hasn’t bathed since the last 4 days!”

This situation can be avoided by using antiperspirant products like deodorant, body spray, and talc powders. The lesser you sweat, the lesser you’d feel dull. 

You can spend days with this trick and nobody would have a clue. Instead, you would have an exhilarating fresh and clean aura, which would deceive everyone around you.

Wondering where to get antiperspirant products from? Qareebi Dukan is here to save your day. Download the app today. 

Wudhu & A Groomed Look:

Winter or not, we are obliged to perform ablution 5 times a day. This automatically keeps us fresh and clean. Prophet PBUH didn’t like it when a person came to him with rough hair and messy dressing. He asked the person to stay groomed and well dressed to show how Allah SWT has blessed him.

Combing hair, wearing a neatly pressed dress and polished shoes gives a positive vibe to everyone around you and especially to yourself. You feel positive and light and tend to have a better day. Allah SWT is Jameel (beautiful) and adores beauty in all ways. 

Staying clean is half our faith. The importance of cleanliness is emphasized several times by our Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This is why Muslims stay neat and clean at all times.


Hope this blog has given you enough hacks to make through the winter of 2020 and 2021. We’d be back with more hacks, next winter. 

If this helped, let us know in the comments box below. 

Stay fresh, fellow slug. Don’t forget to bathe every Friday, it’s Sunnah. 

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