Qareebi Dukan - Local Grocery Delivery

Welcome to Qareebi Dukan

QareebiDukan is venture started by Q3Logics, a Pakistan based company, with presence across the globe. Qareebi Dukan started off to solve the existing problems in e-commerce, with a vision to get every physical business to have an online presence, whether the management of the business is tech savvy enough or not. The concept of Qareebi Dukan started off in July 2014, and by July 2015 we had a working platform up and running. In the span of a year, though the venture started off with a one man army, it has gradually grown to a small team of around 10, working across the world. Not to bore you with a long FAQ section, we’d still like to put a few words to set the records straight. So here we go.

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