Why you should download the Qareebi Dukan App Right Away?

In a world where everybody is racing against time and is hustling to balance life between family and work, putting grocery shopping on the to-do’s list seems to be weighing a lot more than it used to. Especially in the times of covid crisis, when everything has evolved so much within a year which otherwise we would have in a year. Even though we have shifted everything online, we are still very picky about our grocery shopping list and prefer to do it manually. We want to be very precise and accurate about the brand, quality, and pricing of the product. And so are afraid to rely on online shopping for all three.

But sweat not, because Qareebi Dukan got you covered in all areas and lets you shop from your favorite supermarket near you. Here are the reasons why you should choose qareebi Dukan for online grocery shopping, right away!

Save Time And Travel Expenses

Living in a big city like Karachi, you have to plan routes to get to your favorite store and heavy traffic does not make it any easier. And so for us busy Karachites Qareebi Dukaan provides grocery delivery services in Karachi and saves you from costing your two most valuables; time and money.  

Shop From Where You Want

We want to be very particular about the products we use in our household daily basis and so have preferences of stores which satisfy our demands. For example, I like the quality of rice and beans from a supermarket near me but online grocery shopping limits me to shop from some other store. However, Qareebi Dukaan lets us have our options open and allows us to order from a store of our choice. 

No Need To Go Around Aisles Looking For The Product

Remember the little trauma we had as a child when we lost our parents in the maze of aisles while they indulged in finding the right product. Well, that endless maze still scares some of us as an adult. But again, the trauma has been taken care of and healed by online shopping where you don’t have to take rounds, instead just have to type and search in the search box and your products pop up. Also, it saves you from the frustration if the product is not available. You get to know about the products’ unavailability right away and can go for another brand of the product.

Avoid Crowds And Queues

Online grocery shopping outweighs its perks. One of the biggest perks is that you do not have to consider the crowd of people that would be in store on weekends, half-days or before a holiday like Eid and Ramadan.

Especially in times of Covid, we all are pretty sensitive to crowds and queues and so opting for the online grocery store is the smartest and safest move.

Same-Day Grocery Delivery

As customers, we prefer to have our order delivered as soon as possible before our household items run out. And as for vegetables and fruits, we want them to be delivered fresh. With this demand of customers in mind, Qareebi Dukaan offers same-day grocery delivery so that you can have your order fresh. Therefore, you can easily go to Qareebi Dukan App to order groceries online and avail of same-day grocery delivery.

Avail Discounts On Products

Qareebi Dukan offers exclusive discounts on products to its customers which otherwise are not available on products in-store. You must avail discounted products (especially electronics) and have them delivered to your place.

Easy To Compare Prices and details of Products

It is often problematic to look for prices and details standing in a row of the store when people are trying to cross you with loaded trolleys. Occasionally you need to call for an employee to help you out, when the pricing tag is missing or when you are trying to avoid an ingredient in a product due to a certain allergy. But in online grocery shopping from Qareebi Dukaan you can easily see the pricing and look up the details of the product and its brand. 

Safe Exchange of Information And Money

Doing everything online is a double-edged sword. As it increases our efficiency it also increases the vulnerability of information therefore, carefully entering information like address and debit card is extremely important. Nonetheless, cashless payment helps you stay out of the troubles of theft and losing your valuables. 

To upgrade your lifestyle and efficiency, you must download the Qareebi Dukaan App and enjoy the safe, satisfactory, and timely delivery of your order.



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